Thrill's Big Brown Blog is InFESTed

August 1, 2017


People have been freaking out for the last few months asking us about Red Fest. Red Fest, in case you don't know, is our annual celebration of our beer(s). We do it every Summer and it's a good time. A VERY good time, as people keep pointing out.

See, normally Red Fest is our "hello to summer" moment, but this year, we didn't do it at the beginning of the summer like usual. This is, as best I can tell, what has everyone in an uproar.

Well, relax, amigos. Red Fest will, in fact, be happening this year. It was ALWAYS going to happen this year, we just haven't announced it yet. But we're working on it and will have some news to share soon...but we need your help. No, seriously.

We went to the brass and announced that we wanted to make it 'bigger and better' this year. They asked what we had in mind and, well, we don't know really. BUT, we know we wanna call it the Red FESTIVAL this year. That's right, add some 'ival' to the 'fest'.  

So, this is where your help would be appreciated; what would you like to experience this year? Dunk tank? ELDERLY dunk tank? Clown milking? Wanna touch the nipples of an alpaca? Turtle racing? Whatever. It doesn't matter, we just want some ideas to see what we can incorporate into this year's festivities.  

Any ideas you have, share. We're looking to get stupid.

That's your homework. Email us your ideas at

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!