Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows What You Did!

December 12, 2016


How was your weekend? Don't bother answering, I simply ask as a social kindness.  

OK, today was the "Random Question Question", so we asked a multitude of questions per caller. That's how we do it. Well, we had a guy call and we asked him, "When Did You Mess with the Wrong Person?" 

Here's his story:  he was at a party at his boss's house with some people he was too familiar with. According HIS story, he had "no idea what he'd said" that inspired the big black guy he was talking to IMMEDIATELY head-butt him.  

The caller was quick to point out he's never, NEVER been knocked down in a fight...but the head butt changed all that. After crumpling to the ground, he started backing up because a bunch of OTHER people at the party ALSO heard what he said and wanted to beat his ass too. He ended up escaping but we just wanted to know WHAT he said. 

The caller was in denial about having any memory of what he'd said, but he repeated over and over that he didn't drop the "N- bomb". Over and the point that we didn't believe him.   

What made it less believable was that the ONLY thing he could seem to remember was what he DIDN'T say. Anyone else see something wrong with that kind of 'logic'?  

Anyway, we weren't the only people thinking that way. That said, his call just might make it into the annals of our caller history. He actually earned the nickname "White OJ". 

See, OJ once said something to the effect of, "I didn't kill her, but if I DID, this is how it woulda happened..." 

Our caller was very similar; "I didn't say the N- word, but if I DID..." 

That kinda day, but the call was priceless. 

OK, time to watch the Ravens! 

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"