Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows What You're Into

March 6, 2017


One of the (many, many) beauties of pornography is that pretty much WHATEVER you're into, there's probably a tab for it. You get aroused at the idea of midgets who collect pickle jars? Say no more... there's porn for you. 

However, according to, (which I'm completely unfamiliar with...never ever heard of it...yep) the most popular 'fetish' in the world (right now) is "Stepmom" porn. So, if you're a stepmom, be both flattered and creeped out. And try not to think about what your stepson is 'tossing the sauce' to when he's in the shower. Don't let it cross your sexy thing, you.

That said, I get it...I would gladly f**k YOUR stepmother! 

In real life, it seems one of the more popular 'fetishes' is men in uniforms. We've all heard that one before. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that a mailman in Minnesota was busted having sex DURING his shift. 

Sure, it was sex with a a garage, but, well, that's just bad. Real bad. Dude was caught on surveillance camera legitimately doing it doggy-style. 

That's all I've got today. 

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!