Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows You're Gross

February 8, 2017


Some things give you the "heebie- jeebies", make your skin crawl or just plain freak you out. Case-in-point, a woman in India had a cockroach removed from her SKULL...12 hours after it climbed up her nose. She didn't realize that it had happened until she felt a "tingling, crawling sensation". By the way, the cockroach was still alive when doctors got to it.

Then there's the guy in Mississippi who recently had a 130 pound tumor removed. No, he didn't get a divorce, he had an actual tumor removed. Thing is, it started out as an ingrown hair...12 YEARS ago!!!

And then were the two guys having sex on a demo bed at a Bed, Bath and Beyond. That actually makes me laugh...but the place had to be fumigated because the guys having sex both have SCABIES!  Delicious scabies.

 These stories inspired today's question: WHEN I THINK 'GROSS' ___________ IMMEDIATELY COMES TO MIND!

Kinda regret asking it. Plenty of stories about poop ("dirty passengers") and blood and puke, etc, etc. But there's something about 'sticky' stuff that bugs me. Boogers, in particular. Not MY boogers, but other people's boogers. Why is it so (seemingly) difficult to dispose of boogers? Why do people insist on wiping them on bathroom walls? There are toilets, toilet paper, paper towels and trash cans, all of which would gladly accept your nose nuggets, but no, the wall is where they end up. So gross.

And, of course, no one just has a regular booger if it goes on the wall. Wall boogers all seem to be of unusually large proportions and threaded with hair and blood. It's almost like that's a requirement. 

Visualize that and enjoy! You're welcome.

OK bitches, I'm outta here.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!