Thrill's Big Brown Blog Is On the Loose

February 1, 2017


Imagine that you and your girlfriend are walking your dog in the park. You meet another woman there, everyone hits it off and you invite her back to your place. After a few drinks, your girlfriend and the new friend offer you a threesome. You say no...and then your girlfriend stabs you. Happened to a guy in Arizona.

Scary, stabby stuff.

Speaking of 'scary, stabby stuff', a guy in Lynnwood, Washington met a woman through Craigslist. They headed to motel for a little hummina-hummina meow- meow' and she repeatedly asked him if he was a serial killer. He repeatedly answered 'no'.

Quick side note; if you WERE a serial killer, would you admit it just because someone asked? 

Anyway, after the final time he answered 'no' to being a serial killer, the woman straddled him and said, "Well I am!" And then she started stabbing him. Good times.


Plenty of answers...because we've all dated a crazy person...but the creepiest story we heard involved a young woman who was 'dating' a guy for about 3 months.   Thing is, they only really hung out once a week or so. She didn't think it was serious.  

Then she gets a picture sent to her phone. The picture is of HER...SLEEPING in her bed. She lived on the second floor. This dude found a way to get a vantage point with his camera and snap pictures of her. WTF?!? She got a restraining order, but he violated it...and is currently hiding somewhere in Mexico on warrants.  This guy really bugs me. I mean, who still uses a camera?!?

OK, I'm outta here. 

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!