Thrill's Big Brown Blog Is Lost As Hell

February 15, 2017


Sometimes you just get lost. Happens to everyone at some point or another...and more often than not for others.

Our very own Miles Montgomery once got lost in the Grand Ole Opry Hotel...for 2 hours. To be fair, he was drunk on Jack Daniels and the hotel is 'yuge'.

Might sound ridiculous, but Miles' story pales in comparison to the 29-year-old Italian tourist in Dubai, UAE. This guy got lost in the Dubai Mall...for 13 MONTHS!!! Seriously. This dumb mother**ker's excuse? Couldn't find an exit. 

Really? Come on, man...just ASK someone!

We know people hate having to ask for directions, as though it makes you some kind of idiot or whatever, but sometimes you just gotta do it.

In Kazakstan, traffic on a major highway came to a standstill because a military combat helicopter landed on it! Naturally, everyone driving pretty much sh*t their pants. Who wouldn't? 

Imagine their relief when they realized that the pilot simply needed directions. Honest to God. Anyway, he got the directions he needed and took off.


OK, gotta run. Leaving for Vegas in the morning for a radio convention thing. And booze.

Until we meet again, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!