Thrill's Big Brown Blog Takes On the Size of the Matter

January 23, 2017


Today was the "Random Question Question!" On a quick side note, 'spellcheck' or whatever doesn't like it when you repeat words. It gives me the 'red, squiggly line' every time I type 'Question Question'. The second 'question' always gets the squiggle.

Listen up, 'spellcheck' (if that's your real name), it's called the 'question question'. I type it every f**king week...and every f**king week your SQUIGGLE me! What's your problem? Why you can't you just accept me for who I am?  *sobs...eats ice cream*

So, one of the questions we asked was "when did  someone lie to you about the size of something?" We lucked out because the woman we asked immediately had a story about a dude who lied about...wait for it...his penis. Very much so.  

Ah, but that question was inspired by the current 'conflict' over exactly how many people were at the inauguration of Trump. The media estimates about 250, 000 people, he insists that it was closet to 1.5 million. Somehow, this has become a 'thing' and we asked why it actually matters. Who cares? How does that determine anything about the Presidency?  

Seemed like a reasonable question. It wasn't political, just a question of how and why this has become the 'thing' it's become. But times, they are-a-changin'. It's impossible, it seems, to ask or say anything without offending someone. 

We got an angry email from a guy who lambasted us for even asking the question. Then he went on about the liberal left...  

Let's be clear; we don't give flying f**k about the crowd size as it has nothing to do with running the country. To us, it's akin caring about what designer dress an actress wore on the red carpet. We find it meaningless. And even if it's NOT meaningless, it's not worth...nah, it's meaningless. 

Anyway, can we have conversations anymore? Are things SO bad and partisan that we now LOOK for problems or offense? Goddamn. We can do better than that. Come on. 

OK. In spite of that one small glitch, we had a lot of fun today for no particular reason. Not bad for a Monday!

OK bitches, I'm out!

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!