Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants You to Tattle On Yourself

April 26, 2017


The fine folks at asked it's readers one of those questions that damn near EVERYONE has an answer to; 'What's one thing you hope your parents never find out about?' Here's a link to their results:

Naturally, we asked you roughly the same question:  "WHAT DO YOU HOPE YOUR PARENTS NEVER FIND OUT?"

And here's a sample of we heard today:

Slept with his high school teacher.

The high school diploma that his mother STILL has framed in her living room is actually a fake (I really think he should NEVER tell her at this point).

She had a party at her folks house when they went out of town. She tried meth for the first time. This led to her having sex with another chick and two random dudes for 6 hours. And during that time, other people at the party robbed the place. Ah meth...(the 6 hours of sex sounds great, but the 'getting robbed' thing sucks)

Got busted with...a mouthful of her boyfriend's the parking lot of a church.

Burned the house down at the ripe old age of 5 (the fire inspector thought rats chewing old wiring caused it).

Slept with TWO of his father's ex-girlfriends.

Lost his virginity to his step-sister.

Sex with her sister was her first lesbian experience.

 After listening to today's answers, I realized that I was a pretty good kid. And the thing is, I wasn't a good kid. I just wasn't as f**ked up as some of you! That makes me feel alright!

That's it for today, you freaky monkeys!

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!