Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wishes You Hadn't

February 24, 2017


A guy in China had a cockroach climb into his ear. It decided to stay there...for 3 days. Instead of going to the doctor, he spent the next 72 hours using tweezers and toothpicks trying to get it out. Eventually, he sprayed INSECTICIDE into his own ear. 

He probably shouldn't have done the insecticide part. Seems like a really bad idea...but I understand his desperation. 

An idea I DON'T understand involves a barber in Giza who styles hair using a BLOW TORCH! Unless that 'style' is the "Freddie Krueger" or the "Seal", I don't get it.   The barber says that it's "completely safe". I think he's a lying whore, but what do I know?   

To me, saying that styling one's hair with a blow torch is "completely safe" is like saying it's "completely safe" to have sex while riding on a motorcycle. And then it happened in Paraguay.

There's a video making it's way around the web that clearly shows a dude on a motorcycle f***ing some woman as they fly on down the road. It's terrifyingly impressive...and I like his style. He clear has no f**ks to give.

These stores inspired today's question: WHAT DID YOU TRY THAT YOU WISH YOU DIDN'T?

I could say cigarettes, drugs, booze...the usual suspects, but frankly, I enjoy them all too much. No regrets. Live until you don't and hope you do some good along the way. 

Yep, that's what I keep telling my doctor. He thinks I'm an idiot.  

Quick side note:  Giraffes do not lay eggs. Inside joke.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!