Thrill's Big GOLD Blog

SHOW # 2411

July 11, 2016



Happy Monday, bitches.   Over the weekend, our second beer launched for retail; Men's Room Gold!  Kind of exciting for us on the show.  We never thought we'd be in the beer business, but here we are... and it's fantastic.


Anyway, the Gold was released and this pleases me greatly.   However, there has been a lot of debate here at our studios about exactly what color our logo is.  


See, on the Men's Room Original Red labels, the logo is definitively red... being that it's called Men's Room Original RED.   However, on our Gold label, well, no one is entirely sure what color we're looking at. 


Some of us see orange, a few others swear it's yellow.   No one, it seems, sees the logo as GOLD!  Not trying to nitpick, but damn!


Whatever the case, it's f**king delicious.   I consumed quite a bit of it over the weekend.  Go get some!   Trust me.


OK, I'm outta here.  Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"