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June 28, 2016



Happy Tuesday, bitches.  


I get to work this morning and a cute woman approaches me to tell me that she loves the Men's Room office.   It's a crowded space with all the regular crap; computers, desks, etc, but it also has a kegorater, mini fridge, and endless posters, pictures, paintings and random oddities given to us over the years by fans.


I'm used to it, but after listening to her, I really took notice of the insanity we call an office and truly appreciated it.


Great.   The thing is, I have no idea who the hell this woman was talking to me.   I guess she works here, but I really don't know.   Truth is, I recognize most of my coworkers but I have no clue what most of their names are.   Don't need to.   Have a nickname for all of them.  And honestly, the nicknames are far more effective. 


You can tell me,  "Gary wants to chat later."   I'll have no idea who 'Gary' is.   If you say, "Turd Breath wants to chat later", I'll know precisely who you're talking about.   Just how I roll.


So now I need to think of a fitting nickname for the woman who complimented the office.   That's the blog.


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"