Tina, Tina, the Low-Hanging Hyena

April 24, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

You look fantastic today.  

I have a question; why do so many people know so many things about female hyena genitalia?  

I admit that this is a stupid question. Well, maybe it's not 'stupid', per se, but it is a fairly unexpected one. I think that's fair.

Earlier today Miles and I were recalling the 'wild dogs' at the Woodland Park Zoo. The 'wild dogs' may have actually been hyenas. We don't know.  

Miles had gone to the zoo and told me that the thing that resonated with him were "the giant balls on the wild dogs". That's how he explained it to me. Naturally, I figured that he was an idiot...but, alas, I went to the zoo about 2 years later and stumbled upon the wild dogs.

The dogs just kinda run in this long circle throughout their enclosure and, just like Miles said, there were their massive balls. Miles wasn't kidding either; these things left a mental imprint.  

The end of this uneventful 'story' is that both of us later learned that the wild dogs we at the zoo were female...and the balls we saw weren't actually balls. They were 'lady bits'.  

Yea, so for WHATEVER reason this came up (I have no idea) this led to an explosion of people texting and emailing us to explain the ins-and'outs of female hyena genitalia.   

So, back to my initial question; 'why do so many people know so many things about female hyena genitalia? I now know considerably more about the subject than I ever needed to.  


Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!


AND you can get your #Redfestival tickets now! You're welcome.