Try Not to Admit Your Crime On the Air!

October 12, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

We asked, what I thought, was a simple question sure to inundate us with interesting stories. I was so wrong.

We asked, "why were the police there to arrest somebody?" There are endless tales of police interaction but, seemingly, none of them were interesting. Not the stories we heard today.

Let me take that back. I'm sure some of the stories could have or would have been riveting, but today's group of callers were not gifted in the art of story-telling. That's not a slight or's an observation. It is what it is but it was agonizing.

Sadly, we did have a guy call who explained his liason with the authorities...and also mentioned that the case was STILL ACTIVE. We suggested that maybe he shouldn't share any incriminating evidence. I don't know if he did or didn't, but he kept going on, etc.

After his ill-advised sharing of info, we go an email from a prosecutor who let us know that law enforcement listens to our show knowing that people will incriminate themselves. What's more, they've used our show as EVIDENCE IN COURT!

Had no idea. Kinda weird.  

Have a fine weekend.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

And get your tickets to the meat meet known as Bourbon and Bacon Fest now! We'll see you there, bitcholas!