What Is Rude About YOUR Food?

January 30, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

There were some weird food-related stories in the news; "man goes to jail over barbecue sauce"/ "a guy ordered a Hawaiian pizza from Dominoes, freaked out at the price and slashed the delivery driver's tires"/ "student arrested after intentionally triggering another students pineapple allergy"...and on and on it goes.

With that in mind, we asked - What are you really particular about when it comes to food?

Here's a sample of some of the answers:

When I'm eating bacon and eggs, I like to pop a little hole in the top of the egg yolk, pour in some maple syrup and then scoop out the yolk syrup mixture.

I refuse to peel an orange to eat it, I usually have to have my girlfriend do it. I hate the smell of orange stuck under my fingernails.

My crazy food thing...I don't eat meat off of bones. No wings, no ribs, no T-bone. I'm perfectly fine with meat, but if it's on the bone I get grossed out.

I will cut up all of my food on my plate whether be steak spaghetti or whatever, before I eat it.

I can't eat fish...my dad always told me that if it smells like fish, keep your face away from it...

My girlfriend eats one thing at a time. She eats her potatoes is then she eats her meat, then she eats her salad. She doesn't have anything in between each thing. Kind of pisses me off.

Not food, but I'm super picky about the size of silverware, plates, and bowls I use for certain foods..if there's one spoon left and it's not the right size for my cereal, I'll dig through the dirty dishes to find the proper sized spoon.

A dollop of mayonnaise on spaghetti is the best.

The dip in a french dip has to be extra thick. Otherwise you might as well dip your sandwich in brown colored water.

I cannot stand reheated mac and cheese. It tastes different and is never as creamy. Whether Velveeta or any other box or homemade it never tastes the same.

I hate the smell when you open the lid of a skillet .Even if the food is great the concentrated smell hits me in the face and I lose my appetite.

How about this? How about this? I also can't stand my food touching. My wife mixes her corn into her mashed potatoes and it drives me crazy.

I can NOT heat up my leftover cold pizza. I can only eat it cold the next day.

My food particularity: can't eat creamy peanut butter. Must be crunchy! If it's creamy, I will grind up crunch up peanuts and put it on there.

I could on and on. 

What's your weird food preference?


I'm out!

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!