What Thing Did You NOT Need to See?

February 2, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

The world is full of weird people who make odd decisions. We came across a story about a guy who was arrested because he wouldn't stop masturbating in a Burger King. Cops in NYC are looking for a dude who stood in the middle of a subway masturbating. In Florida, a guy robbed a bank...naked. You see the theme here.

So we asked, 'what did you not need to see?'

Here's a small sample of what we heard:

"What I didn't need to see was the adult shows in Pattya, Thailand."

"I will never unsee combat."

"One thing I wish I would never see is two ugly people kissing I know they can't help being ugly sure stay out of public."

"My dad is getting old. He fell in the shower a couple months ago and I saw his junk. Didn't need to see that. It looked like Don King."

"When I was a kid, we had a full length mirror behind the bathroom door, and I always wondered what the hell it was doing there! So I found out. My mom had a loud friend, you know the type, bright colored clothes, no volume control, five three, three hundred lbs, and has an opinion on every possible subject. So I'm 17, and I head into the bathroom, to find my mom's friend bent over, cheeks spread wide, shaving her butt crack. WITH MY RAZOR! It looked like she had shaved a strip into a dish scrubber pad. I have never seen anything like it since.THANK GOD."

" I crapped in a urinal once in high school once for 10 cigarettes and a bowl."

"My boy giving himself a b-."

"I saw a bum's 10 inch hog while he peedon a fence down off 1st ave."

"Saw my mom bent over getting railed by a guy she just met the day before. Got a Tops rookie set of baseball cards and a pair of Bo Jackson shoes from the bedroom bandit."

"I walked on my old roommate watching beastiality porn in the living room. He jumped up and said it’s not what it looks like while trying to turn it off."

"After my mom died, we were cleaning out her room and we found her sex toy collection."

"Came home to my my brother and his best friend watching porn together completely naked j_____g each other off."

"I stumbled upon a video of a guy from work making a cucumber disappear where the sun don't shine. Never looked at the guy the same way ever again."



Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!