When Love Hurts So Good

March 21, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

Inspired by a myriad of stories about relationships (good, bad, ugly, tragic, funny, etc) we offered up a 'fill-in-the-blank'; "The only story you need to know about the relationship is________."

We fully expected to get all manner of angry stories and vitriol...but most of the stories were positive. Didn't see that coming. But one "happy" story really stood out.

We got a call from an exceptionally friendly woman named Karen. She happens to be an escort and that's how she met her current, 4-year-boyfriend.  

Here's their romantic story, as told to us;

He answered an ad that she had placed, offering her services.  He asked if she'd ever inserted a sex toy into a man's anus. She replied that no, she hadn't ever inserted a sex toy into a man's anus.

Great start.

He asked if she WANTED to insert a sex toy into a man's anus, to which she said, 'sure, I'll try anything once'.  

Like I said, they've been together for four years now and seem quite happy.  

There's someone for everyone.  

She mentioned that he worked at a foundry. I immediately asked, given his job and his particular proclivity, if he made his own butt-toys. Yup. She said he had many homemade 'toys'.

That's what I've got.

Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!