When You Find Out You're Related to Space Jesus

January 26, 2018

Hola Bitcholas,

Today we talked about DNA. No, not in a dirty way, but as in your actual DNA...your heritage...the inescapable family traits that have shaped you...for better or worse.

We got a call from Diane. Diane told us about her rare blood type...RH negative. As it turns out, EVERYONE has rh, as it is a component of blood. Anyway, she didn't know that (nor did we) so she was doing 'online research' about it and reached this conclusion; she was either descended from aliens or Jesus Christ.

Yep. That was her belief. To each their own.

Naturally, we nicknamed her Space Jesus. This led to what we thought was gonna be a QUICK conversation about who would play Space Jesus in a movie. Well, people gravitated to this and we got a long list of suggestions:

Here were a few: Steven Segal, John Malcovivh, Jason Momoa, Morgan Freeman, Steve Buschemi, Chris Pratt, Mr. Rodgers, Christopher Walken, Jack Nocholson, James Franco, Toby Keith, Owen Wilson and Johnny Depp. Oh, and Jared Leto... who I think would be perfect. Ted disagrees. Most people supported Ted and even started a hashtag; #notmyspacejesus  

This is what happens on this show.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!