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Tips for building an emergency preparedness plan

Much of the greater Seattle area felt the 4.6 magnitude earthquake in some form early this morning. Although I personally did not wake up to a shaking house, the dogs let us know that something was up, and I was immediately reminded that I do NOT have an emergency preparedness plan in place. Today... Read More

11 hacks for the grill that will change your summer

Easy kebabs, using herbs as skewers, stuffed hot dogs... here are some life hacks for the grill that will blow your mind! Grilling may never be the same at my place. I can't wait to experiment with some of these tricks - and if you have a grill hack we should know about, email me the info! Happy... Read More

[VIDEO] Harvester of Constant Sorrow: Metallica meets bluegrass

Mash-ups have become increasingly popular these past few years, often times putting two of the most unrelated artists together to create something totally unexpected! Case in point: The Native Howl . These guys developed a mash-up between Metallica and the Soggy Bottom Boys, the latter being... Read More

Rob Zombie's '3 From Hell' premieres September 16th, 17th & 18th

Just a few weeks after headlining Pain in the Grass , Rob Zombie will be gearing up for the highly anticipated, 3-day screening premiere of 3 From Hell . The unrated horror flick will be shown on nearly 1,000 screens across the country on September 16-18, with tickets on sale Friday, July 19th. The... Read More

Metallica cover Iron Maiden with Kirk Hammett on vocals

It's quite common to hear Metallica bust out a "doodle" in concert, but it's not as common to hear Kirk Hammett step to the mic to sing it. At the band's recent show in London, Hammett and Robert Trujillo covered "Killers" by Iron Maiden, and Hammett absolutely nailed the vocals, Paul Di'Anno-style... Read More