3 of the BEST subscription services

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: My Favorite Boxes!

March 1, 2018

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These days, there's a convenient subscription delivery service for just about everything. So many of them peak my interest and sometimes get me to make the purchse. Over the years I have tried several, everything from clothing and food to outdoor gear and alcohol, but I narrowed it down to my top 3.


1. Cairn. Out of Bend, OR, I fell in love with Cairn's boxes the moment I received my first delivery. The company sends you a monthly box of amazing outdoor products, and they're always tailored to your individual hobbies. For me, I'm primarily into skiing, hiking, camping and road biking, and they send me gear every month that I get SO much use out of. From hammocks and trail snacks to repair tools and backpacks, they literally nail it every month. 

GEAR TIP -- @lifestraw Universal is the first bottle adapter kit with a 2-stage filter. Two different sized caps allow you to turn your favorite water bottle into a powerful water filter that removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of protozoa and improves the taste of your water anywhere your adventures take you. With a lifespan of 1000 gallons, you can stay safely hydrated for years to come. The Universal does not use chemicals and doesn’t require pumping or any energy input (like batteries). Pop it on the water bottle of your choice and you can safely drink from rivers, lakes, streams or other open, fresh water sources on your path. And on top of all that, LifeStraw believes that doing good is good business. Through their Follow the Liters program, for every LifeStraw purchased, a school child around the world receives safe water for an entire school year. This month, Cairn subscribers are a part of helping LifeStraw reach their goal of 1 million children with safe drinking water!

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2. Acme Farms & Kitchen. When it comes to meal and food delivery services, you have a TON to choose from, but after trying multiple offers, Bellingham's Acme Farms & Kitchen was head and shoulders above the others. They deliver everything you need to make 3-4 meals each week, minus the "pantry items" like salt and pepper, oil, etc. Because we were always cooking for two, we typically had leftovers so the meals REALLY stretched. Plus, they work with the area's local farmers, ranchers, fishers and artisan producers to bring you INCREDIBLE, outside-the-box (ha - literally!) recipies. I have kept every recipe and replicate my favorites all the time!  

Green Eggs + Ham done right! Pasture raised eggs, Golden Glen Creamery parmesan, @avenuebread english muffins and @deckfamilyfarm sliced ham. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! {kit available this weekend!} - - - - #eatlocal #acmefarmsandkitchen #feedfeed #f52grams #greeneggsandham #drseuss #local

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3. Craft Beer Club. It's no secret that much of my adventuring surrounds visiting area breweries, but this last year of remodeling our house made it EXTRA tough for me to get out and visit any new ones. The Original Craft Beer Club is an EXCELLENT solution for anyone with a busy schedule that wants to experience the latest and greatest from across the country, but maybe doesn't have as much time budgeted to make the visits. You get 12 beers per month, and many of them will be straight from the PNW! On top of that, it's cool to try styles from other parts of the country and find new favorittes along the way.

A Western Washington favorite, the family owned brewery honors its late founder with a range of handcrafted, award-winning craft beers! ⠀ •••••••⠀ See more on our website or follow the link in our bio!⠀ •••••••⠀ #originalcraftbeerclub #craftbeerclub #beermail #beer #beerclub #bier #craftbeer #dicksbrewing #englishdarkale #englishporter

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These are hands down my top 3 subscription delivery boxes! I know there are a ton of others out there, so email me with your favorites so I can check them out, too! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly