3 reasons Summer Meltdown is the best local festival

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Summer Meltdown Festival

June 14, 2018

This summer will mark five years I've been attending Summer Meltdown Festival and I am SO giddy about it. There are a few of us from KISW who go together, and every year we say, "It's the best year yet!" I truly believe this local festival is the most special in our area, and these are the reasons I feel that way.


1.  The music. I am so thrilled that I've been exposed to a great deal of new bands and artists as a result of attending Summer Meltdown Festival. Each year when they release the line-up, some of my favorites return to White Horse Ampitheater, but I always see new names on the poster and get excited about discovering new music. Here are some of my favorites to date:


Five Alarm Funk - Hailing from Vancouver BC, I have seen them live ten times in the five years I've known about them! Most recently, I saw them at Upstream Music Fest in Seattle. I've watched this video a zillion times and you should, too.


Pimps of Joytime - I have described them as "1970s Brooklyn Funk", and their frontman has this kind of Prince-esque quality to him. The ladies in the group have PIPES. 


Greensky Bluegrass - I did their stage announcement years ago at Meltdown and have been a fan ever since. These guys do some of the most amazing covers I have ever heard, like my favorite Bruce Springsteen song EVER!


2. The location. In the shadow of Whitehorse Mountain, the views are absolutely stunning. It's also a fun nature walk down to the Stillaguamish River, where we love to cool off when the temperatures are close to 90. It's an awesome river party every year!

I'm dreaming about @summermeltdown festival and a whole weekend of gazing at that incredible mountain... less than 3 months!!!

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Happy #ThrowbackThursday to me living my best life in the best swimsuit with my best friends in the best river at the best music festival. --: @trixiestick

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Adventure goals: #SummerMeltdown edition. ☀️️ -- @PixelPirate

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3. The people. I have met some of the world's most wonderful people as a result of Summer Meltdown. The group that I camp with is a true family, and I thank them for welcoming Brad and I into their world! Amazing friendships have been formed, and every year I look forward to making new connections. 


This year's event is August 2nd through the 5th, and the line-up might just be my favorite to date. Tickets are on sale now


And yes, Ted will be driving the RV again this year...

When @theetedsmith is driving an RV

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You should definitely consider checking out Summer Meltdown this year, Rockaholics! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly