3 Steps To Celebrating Seattle Rock Day

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

March 30, 2018



Seattle Rock Day is coming up FAST, coinciding with the day we crown the winner of the Seattle Rock Rumble on Wednesday April 4th. It's a super special day around these parts, where we spotlight our incredible corner of the world and all of the music that was born here. Proper celebrating is of the utmost importance.


To celebrate the Seattle Rock Rumble and Seattle Rock Day collectively, there are three things that must be done on April 4th:


1. Don your finest flannel. Sure, Seattle's rock scene is represented by much more than a flannel, but it reminds us of the time Seattle was recognized for a subgenre of rock that will never be replicated, nor forgotten. 



2.  Listen to KISW and request any and all Seattle obscurities. We only do Seattle Rock Day once per year, so be a part of the festivities and help us unearth every song this fair city birthed. From 6am to midnight on April 4th, we're playing it all, no holds barred. Dig deep. We will, too.



3. Pour yourself some Templeton Rye. Much as the Seattle music scene has established its fearlessness, so has Templeton Rye, with a recipe deeply rooted in the days of Prohibition.  We believe a toast is in order! Musicially, Seattle is one of the most unique cities in the world, and we'd love to raise a glass to match such a rich history. 

When prohibition came knocking, we knocked back. #tbt #Prohibition #Bootleggers #TheGoodStuff

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Thanks for helping us narrow down Seattle's greatest bands and artists through the Seattle Rock Rumble! Sign up to vote and let your voice be heard.


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



The story of Templeton Rye is steeped in history and tradition. Born during Prohibition, local bootleggers produced a whiskey that came to be known as, “The Good Stuff.” Today, Templeton Rye continues to carry on a small town legacy, using a recipe from its past that is bottled locally. Enjoy Templeton Rye 4 and 6 Year that are available today. Templeton Rye is proud to sponsor this year’s Seattle Rock Rumble! Make sure to tune in and find out which band has the “Good Stuff.” Templeton Rye reminds you to have fun and please drink responsibly.