3 Tips For Staying Calm During The Seattle Rock Rumble

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

March 20, 2018

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Determining the greatest band or artist from the Seattle area is a huge responsibility that we bestow upon our dear Rockaholics. The Seattle Rock Rumble can be stressful. It can be frustrating! But above all else, it can be downright miserable, especially when two of your favorite bands are going head-to-head. These 3 tips will help calmer heads prevail as the brackets tighten up and we get closer to crowning our 2018 champ!


1. Pet a critter. Have you ever noticed how an animal's love can get you through the toughest of times?! This rings true for the Seattle Rock Rumble as well! Snuggle up with that adorable pooch or feline of yours as you hunker down to cast your votes. If you need to borrow a pup, these three belong to me but would gladly let you cuddle them as you make your selections. 

2. Listen to DIFFERENT music. Find something other than Seattle's best to soothe your ear-holes while you make tough decisions in each region. You don't want to be unfairly swayed in one direction or another. Keep a clear focus. Maybe some yacht rock? You know The KISW New Originals are ALL about the yacht rock.


3. Bust out the Templeton Rye. Whether you drink it neat or on the rocks, sipping The Good Stuff will keep you level headed as you make your selections round in and round out. Born from the Prohibition-era Kerkhoff recipe, Templeton Rye’s history lives on, much as Seattle's legendary musicians stand the test of time and bridge generations. 

The taste of Templeton.

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If you haven't registered for the Seattle Rock Rumble, there is still time! Sign up and vote for your favorites for the chance to win tickets to Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and the highly anticipated Pain in the Grass 2018!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



The story of Templeton Rye is steeped in history and tradition. Born during Prohibition, local bootleggers produced a whiskey that came to be known as, “The Good Stuff.” Today, Templeton Rye continues to carry on a small town legacy, using a recipe from its past that is bottled locally. Enjoy Templeton Rye 4 and 6 Year that are available today. Templeton Rye is proud to sponsor this year’s Seattle Rock Rumble! Make sure to tune in and find out which band has the “Good Stuff.” Templeton Rye reminds you to have fun and please drink responsibly.