4 Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

May 14, 2018

Tuesday May 15th is going to be one delicious day as we recognize and celebrate the chocolate chip for all of the joy it has brought to our lives over the years! Whether you're a fan of mint, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white and dark swirled, here are some ways to pay homage. 


1. Chocolate Chip Pancakes. For me, a childhood classic. My dad used to take us to Cyndy's House of Pancakes on Aurora (remember that place?!) when we were kids, and I would always get 'em. A trip down memory lane is the perfect way to observe this chocolatey holiday! You know IHOP does it right.


2. Chocolate Chip Cookies. And everyone knows you MUST have two - one for each hand, right? My favorite place to get a chocolate chip cookie is in my hometown, so pop by The Cookie Mill in Stanwood for a life-changing bakery delight! 

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3. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. There are so many varieties of ice cream featuring the chip! Lopez Island Creamery, for instance, has Mint Chip, Chocolate Chip, Latte Chip and Chocolate Chocolate Chip! I think I hit them all... anyway, their chip game is STRONG.


4. Smoked Chocolate Chips. Yup, this is a thing. Hot Cakes has always pushed the boundaries on chocolate treats in Seattle, and these cold-smoked delights can be picked up at their Ballard or Capitol Hill stores or purchased online. If you're into sweet/savory combos, this will please your taste buds!  

And, I finally got around to using these. Only a year after buying them on our way home through Seattle. #getyourhotcakes #smokedchocolatechips

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As you enjoy your chocolate chips tomorrow, use the hashtag #ChocolateChipDay to share your delights with the rest of us!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly