5 Reasons The Gorge Is The Best

September 5, 2017

Mat Hayward Photography

The Gorge Amphitheatre is a very special place to Washingtonians, and you'd be hard pressed to find a cooler venue in the U.S. (Okay, maybe Red Rocks, but that's it).


I went to my first show at The Gorge 22 years ago and have been over there dozens of times since then. This past weekend, I went to Guns N' Roses with an amazing group of friends and found myself thinking about all of the things that make our favorite venue in the state so incredible. 


1. It's the most scenic venue in Washington, hands down. The views are spectacular in every direction, and even with the smokey haze this past weekend, it's still a spectacle everyone should experience at least once! I talked with two folks who were at The Gorge for their first time and were completely blown away by the surroundings!


2. You have multiple camping options, but if camping's not your thing, the drive ain't so bad! The same reason I loved going to WSU - it's far enough away from the west side for a solid adventure, but close enough to home that you can get back there pretty easily. Whether you camp in The Gorge Campground, Wildhorse Campground or Cave B camping, it's all super close to the venue with shuttle options in some cases. Yurts, anyone?


3. New friends are guaranteed. And not only that, it's music you love that brought you together, so you're instantly and forever connected. We met a TON of cool people this weekend - folks sharing our camping area, neighbors up on the lawn and people partying in the parking lot. 

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4. The beer is always cold. Even if you're spending a little more than you usually would on a can of suds, it's COLD. And let me tell you, that was a lifesaver this weekend. It was HOT! 

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5. Kids love it, too. My very first concert was at The Gorge as a little one! My parents brought me to shows SEVERAL times before I was old enough to drive myself. Great way to start your offspring on the path to becoming a full blown Rockaholic!

Sweet child O' mine just had her first concert in her life. Putting on her ear protectors and #gunsnroses shirt, my little one rocked! She fell asleep when the stage was on fire --. Will she feel lucky in the future when realize she has seen the Guns N' Roses members all together? #gunsnrosesisback #mylittlerockstar #notinthislifetime #notinthislifetimetour2017 #sweetchildofmine #nara_the_pomegranate #Nara #rocks #babynike #gorgeamphitheater

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Hope to see you at The Gorge again next year for another unforgettable concert experience! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly