5 Reasons I Love Beautiful Mt. Baker

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

February 20, 2018

Although I am ashamed of my lack of total vertical feet this season, I'm still geeking out over the beautiful day I had at Mt. Baker yesterday. For those who have been there before, you already know it's a super special place. But if you've never been to Baker, please allow me to entice you with why I love it up there so much!


1. The views are spectacular. Whether you're taking Chair 8 and looking at the gorgeous glacier on Mt. Shuksan, or hitting terrain off Blueberry Cat-Track while taking in Mt. Baker's beauty, the views stack up against any world class resort! I can't help but take a zillion pictures every time I ski there. You'll love all of the photo ops!


2. The people are insanely friendly. Of course I might be biased about how nice my own friends are, but the staff at Mt. Baker and everyone who enjoys that mountain seem to be some of the most awesome people to share a ski area with. I love starting conversations on the chairlift with strangers, saying, "So, did you travel far to be here?" It's always fascinating to get the back story! 


3. The food is delicious. With Heather Meadows, White Salmon and Raven's Hut to choose from, you can always get a killer meal at lunchtime with fresh, local ingredients. Yesterday, we chowed down on Pulled Pork French Fries. Yup - they were MAGICAL! Hand-cut fries topped with tangy pulled pork and a TON of toppings to choose from like jalapenos, salsa and green onions! Mmmmm!


4. You have tons of choices for accommodations. Although there's no ski-in, ski-out option for overnight stays (unless you camp out in the parking lot - highly recommended!), the town of Glacier just 20 minutes away has a great deal of options to choose from. Whether you opt to Airbnb, VRBO, or check out other lodging in the area, there's something in your price range that fits your personal style and the size of your group! 


5. There are great places to enjoy a victory beer. Whether you sip some suds in one of the mountain's lodges, hit Chair 9 in Glacier or pop into The North Fork Brewery in Deming, you can always find local beer on tap and stretch out those sore muscles after a day of shredding. 


After a few days of heavy snowfall, Sunday and Monday were sensational bluebird days at the end of Highway 542. I am already chomping at the bit to get back up to Baker! Hope to see some Rockaholics on the hill next time! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly