5 Things Only IPA Lovers Will Understand

August 29, 2017

I became a hop-head toward the end of college, leaving my days of guzzling Busch Light in the review mirror and never looking back. Over the years, I have connected with a TON of fellow IPA lovers, and have learned quite a few things about our kind.


1. IPA drinkers typically know our limit and we know it well. Again, I said typically. For instance, I know that I can drink 3 Jackass IPAs from Skookum Brewery. I know that I cannot drink 4. I tried once, and it didn't end well...


2. We love words like "piny" when it comes to the way our beer smells. I typically say, "It smells like Christmas in here" because the pine smell reminds me of a festive holiday tree. 


3. We know you think it's a trend, but you're wrong. Sure, many breweries have become strong purveyors of IPAs in a variety of styles, but to us, the more the merrier! And there's nothing cliche about passion. 


4. It's not a race, it's a marathon. Light beer drinkers can power through beer into the double digits at rapid speeds. We tend to take our time (often due to the ABV we're working with) and we're enjoying every second of it.

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5. Good IPAs are hard to make. Almost every brewery has one, but every IPA is not spectacular. It's all about balance, and a true IPA lover knows this. We appreciate the skills needed to create a magical beer. 


Anything else you would add? Send me an email! Hop-Heads UNITE!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly