Alex Lifeson of Rush has a new project in the works

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November 12, 2018

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It's quite possible that I'm the biggest Rush fan to ever work at KISW, so naturally I squealed when I heard that guitarist Alex Lifeson was working on a new project.


It's been a few years since Rush announced the band's retirement after wrapping up the R40 tour in 2015. We learned that drummer Neil Peart's body needed a critical break due to chronic tendonitis and shoulder injuries. There's no doubt that the band had earned the right to stop touring and recording after such an impressive and physically demanding career, but over the past year there have been rumblings of potential collaborations in the works outside of the power trio. Now we have confirmation that Alex Lifeson is working with multi-instrumentalist and prog-enthuisast Marco Minnemann. 


What does it mean?! Is Geddy going to be involved as well? Is this a single song or a debut album for a newly formed band? I have so many questions, Rockaholics! I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open as this story continues to develop. 


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly