Alice In Chains turned 'Rainier Fog' into a 10-episode sci-fi film

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December 13, 2018

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When we first heard the new Alice In Chains album, we knew it was special. Not only was Rainier Fog recorded back in Seattle where it all began, the overall sound reminded us of the band's roots, and the material reflected that as well.

#RainierFog, our first album recorded in our hometown of Seattle in over 20 years, is available now. Link in bio to listen.

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With the help of director/producer Adam Mason, Rainier Fog will become 10 video segments totalling a 90-minute sci-fi film, and they'll begin rolling it out in 2019. Watch the trailer for Black Antenna:


Rainier Fog has also received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album. Congratulations to our friends in Alice In Chains on a wildly successful album and follow-up project!

Very proud of our Grammy nomination for our album Rainier Fog. I think it’s some of our finest work and would like to thank my band mates and everyone who worked on bringing it to fruition. If you haven’t checked it out yet give it a listen. I also extend my congratulations to our fellow nominees. Pretty fucking cool !!! Long live rock #rainierfog

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