April 10th is National Farm Animals Day, but what does it really mean?

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April 10, 2018

Over the past year and a half of working on our 5 acre property, I have become increasingly excited to bring farm animals home once we get our "mini-farm" in working order. I feel very strongly about adopting our next farm animals, and that happens to be what National Farm Animals Day is all about!


Since 2005, National Farm Animals Day has been observed on April 10th to raise awaress for farm animals who may need a good home. Often times, local rescue organizations take in abandoned or abused farm animals, and #NationalFarmAnimalsDay is shining a spotlight on these creatures.


My love for farm animals began with chickens. When I was younger, my family raised them, so I've always been comfortable around them and truly enjoy having them around! For Brad and me, we started out with a flock of between 3 and 4 chickens. Over the past few years, we have taken in a few others from friends and family, and now our flock clocks in at twelve hens and one rooster! We have the space, so why not? Taking in chickens and giving them a great place to live is something I've really enjoyed. 

What the flock?! ----

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I recently learned about a few local rescue organizations who have everything from goats and cows to llamas and fowl. I've even had the pleasure of visiting one of these magical places, Pasado's Safe Haven, and will most definitely be reaching out for adoption opportunities when the time is right. Their grounds are absoltuely stunning, and they have a very passionate network of volunteers who work to keep their adoptable creatures healthy, safe and loved!

These sweet pigs, rescued from Thurston County, are outside enjoying a dry yard full of yummy things to root up ❤ something they've never had before. . #rescuepigs #pigsofinstagram #friendsnotfood #pasadosafehaven #pasados #rescue #rescueanimals #vegansofig #veganseattle #seattle #pnw #animalwelfare #animalrights #animals

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I also enjoy regularly perusing the Instagram account of Puget Sound Goat Rescue. They work around the clock to save and care for goats who need loving farms.

McKissic, the newest member of our family. A 3 day old dairy baby boy. Thank you @chelsea.vaught.art for making the long drive to save this little guy last night. He is doing great and has fit right in ❤️ #rescuegoats #savedfromslaughter #babyseasonishere

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On #NationalFarmAnimalsDay, it's so great to learn about incredible rescue organizations in our communities. If you have the time, space, knowledge and ability to adopt a farm animal, it's a wonderful gift to give a beautiful creature! 


I'll keep you posted on my quest to adopt - hopefully soon!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly