Bad-Ass Burgers

February 25, 2016

A good burger is a thing of beauty. Being a PNW native, I love the simplicity and the nostalgia of the classic Dick's Drive In cheeseburger, but I also go nuts for the fire roasted Anaheim Peppers at Red Mill Burgers. Since most of us have been to those establishments, I wanted to draw some a ttention to a few other burger joints that truly raise the bar on burgers.

Conway Pub & Eatery - Conway, WA: If you're a biker, you may have stopped here during the Oyster Run weekend! The burgers at Conway Pub & Eatery's burgers are piled high with super fresh ingredients and messy as hell! Perfect for a first date, to see if that person can appreciate you with food all over your face. They always have great live music rolling through, karaoke on the weekends, and trivia on Thursdays, so there's always a reason to stop in and get a killer burger. My favorite is the BBQ burger!

Boomer's Drive In - Bellingham, WA: With both car-hop service and indoor seating, Boomer's brings you back in time to the days of old drive-ins! It's right of the freeway, so if you're looking for a great stop on the way to or from Vancouver, BC, this is it. Low prices, kid friendly, and must-try milkshakes make this local favorite even more enticing. Boomer's Mushroom Swiss Burger is my pick!

Miner's Drive In Restaurant - Yakima, WA: I haven't been here in a few years and my taste buds are suffering as a result!! When I was in college and spending a lot of time east of the mountains, this was a must-stop any time you were ANYWHERE near Yakima. I even remember making a few special trips here from Ellensburg with friends from CWU. I would always get their Bacon Burger with a side of TOTS! 

Burgerville - Centralia, WA: My cousin introduced me to this delightful spot on a trip to Portland a few years back. Burgerville is HUGE in Oregon and SW WA, but the location furthest north is in Centralia, right of I-5. Perfect stop if you're headed to PDX for the weekend. What makes this place so amazing is that they use fresh, LOCAL ingredients and work with local farms to build their awesome menu! I can't resist the Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of fries & a shake!

Help me find my next favorite burger my emailing me a suggestion! I can't wait to try your hometown spot!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly