Check out this weekend's Seafair hydroplane racing schedule

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

August 1, 2019

Brent Dawson

Seattle's favorite summertime festival is back for another year! 


The commute south on I-5 was a DOOZY this afternoon due to the Blue Angels practicing over head, but it was spectacular to see them back in action!


Sure, we'll have our eyes to the sky these next few days as the Blue Angels soar overhead, but Lake Washington is where the real excitement will be, especially with Miss Rock back in action and sporting an all-new design.


Here's a look at this weekend's race schedule:


9:00am - Unlimited hydroplane testing
11:45am - Unlimited hydroplane qualifying
3:00pm - Blue Angels performance

11:00am - E350 Heat 1
2:05pm - E350 Heat 2
2:30pm - Unlimited hydroplane Heat 1A, 1B
3:00pm - Blue Angels performance

11:30am - E350 Heat 3
12:10pm - Unlimited hydroplane Heat 2A, 2B
2:00pm - E350 Heat 4
2:25pm - Unlimited hydroplane Heat 3A, 3B
3:00pm - Blue Angels performance
4:05pm - Graham Trucking Cup E350 Final
4:30pm - HomeStreet Bank Cup at Seafair unlimiteds final

TV coverage - Sunday @ 1:00pm on KONG


Have a great Seafair, Seattle!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly