Cocktails, anyone?

April 6, 2016

Even though I'm typically an IPA snob, there are some days where a specialty cocktail is SO satisfying. Now, you can get a cocktail just about anywhere, but there are a few spots that really raise the bar on specialty cocktails and bring back the craft! Here are a few of my favorites:

Daphne's in Fairhaven - Bellingham, WA: Fairhaven in and of itself is one of the COOLEST neighborhoods in all of the PNW. Funky shops, great restaurants, and home to some of the BEST bourbon-based cocktails I have ever had at Daphne's. It has such a classy feel to it and will take you back in time to a different era! 

Zig Zag in Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA: Located on Western Ave just up the stairs from the Seattle Aquarium, Zig Zag is a must-stop if you're visiting Pike Place Market! The vibe is amazing, the staff will charm you, and the cocktails are superior.

Dillingers - Olympia, WA: The cocktail menu at Dillingers is a TOTAL throwback to the Prohibition era! The service is wonderful, the atmosphere makes for a perfect date night, and be SURE to check out the dessert menu to accompany your cocktail. 

Where do you go for the best cocktails in town? Tell me all about it in an email

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly