Dick's Drive-In is launching a food truck in November

Vote for the city you'd like it to set up shop first!

September 15, 2020
Dick's Drive-In

Jasmine Donovan (Dick's Drive In)

One of Seattle's most iconic restaurants could be coming to a town near you...


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For those who have a hard time making it one of Dick's Drive-In's seven Puget Sound locations, the restaurant will be unveiling a traveling food truck, bringing the burgers and shakes to YOU! 

For over 65 years you have been asking us when we'll bring the best burgers and shakes to YOUR city?!? This fall 2020 your dreams are answered. Introducing the Dick's Drive-In Food truck! Vote today and bring the Dick's Deluxe to YOUR HOME first! #burgertrucks

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As of today, you can vote for the location you'd like to see the food truck set up shop first!


Happy Adventuring (from a safe social distance),


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