Fire Prevention Week: “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!"

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

October 9, 2017

Fires can start in a second and often get completely out of control just moments later. Considering the fact that we had to call our local fire department over the weekend, I felt even more compelled to share the details of  Fire Prevention Week


After the burn ban being recently lifted, we decided to burn a pile of debris on our property on Saturday left over from when our property was logged. When the wind picked up, things got out of control fast and we realized quickly that we had made a mistake. We called the local fire department, who thankfully showed up within minutes and extinguished a fire that we could not manage. It was a humbling experience and lesson learned. Not to mention slightly embarrassing. And we weren't the only ones who learned that lesson over the weekend. Plenty of folks have been antsy to burn yard debris after a super-hot summer, and although the burn ban had been lifted, our area is still quite dry and at risk. 


Note: Our home and property and the people on it were all unharmed this weekend! Thank you Station 94 - District #19

One of the firefighters told us about events happening this weekend for Fire Prevention Week, so it's a great reason to share our experience over the weekend plus encourage others to learn the dangers of fire and respect the rules for burning. Sparky knows the deal!


Station 94 in Happy Valley told us they're having an event this Saturday, perfect for the kids and adults alike, so check with your local station to see if they're hosting similar gatherings!


And when it comes to burning your yard debris, be sure you're doing it right and check with your local fire agency for specifics. Apply for a residential burn permit through the county you live in and follow their requirements. Or, you can get a permit through the Department of Natural Resources. Either way, be smart about your fire and if something goes awry, call your local fire department. 


Fire Prevention Week hits close to home after our mishap this weekend. I am happy to have learned a tough lesson, and although a bit humiliated about it, pleased to pass along my story to hopefully prevent this from happening to someone else!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly