Now's the time to binge-watch Game of Thrones before its return in April

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

November 13, 2018

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Typcially my Wreckreation Guide aims to get you out of the house, off the couch and trying new things. This, however, is not one of those blogs...


If you haven't watched a single episode of Game of Thrones, start now and you'll be ready to go when the HBO series returns for an 8th season this spring! The final season will feature 6 episodes, and we're seeing the hashtag #ForTheThrone all over the place, meaning everything we've witnessed up to this point and everything in the episodes ahead is all for the Iron Throne. 

Bring me his head #ForTheThrone.

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Not a Queen, a Khaleesi #ForTheThrone.

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For GOT virgins, you do have some work to put in before April, but I binge-watched seasons 1-5 before season 6 aired, and I highly recommend you do the same thing to prepare for the 8th! Just order a pizza, open a bottle of wine (there's a lot of it in this show) and hunker down for the winter! My biggest piece of advice - don't get attached to anyone in the series... 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly