I got on a dirt bike for the 1st time in 20 years...

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March 26, 2018

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Ever since Brad and I bought our property over a year ago, we've had big plans to get our little farm up and running. Although those plans are still in the works, we may have found another property passion... 


Rewind to when we first got the place, and step one was to do a little tree clearing to bring some more natural light onto the 5+ acres. The logging trucks needed access to the back of our property to drag out the trees that came down, and we instantly saw the potential for a cool trail system based on these "roads" that were made. Our friends who were into dirt biking saw potential, too, and they put a little bug in our ears that we could do some pretty serious trail blazing to create a space for riding. Since last summer we've carved out multiple trails and have had 3 dirt bikes ripping around on several occasions, and yesterday I finally got in on the action! 

I didn't get hurt!! #Repost @bradkism (@get_repost) ・・・ @tarynkisw #firsttime #motorcycle #xr80 #sundayfunday #Stanwood #5acres ##thatsmygirl #braaaapp

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Now, don't laugh. I'm the rookie of all rookies! The last time I was on a dirt bike, I was a fearless 13-year-old trying to keep up with the boys. Fast forward 20 years to yesterday, and I was NOT the same girl! My heart was pounding, I was doing my best to understand and follow instructions, and I never even took it out of 1st gear because I was so nervous. A few folks on Facebook said the XR80 I was riding is a "kids bike", but I am 100% okay with that! As a total newbie, I can't even imagine trying something bigger or more advanced at this time! I think I'd feel safer life with 4 wheels on the ground, but I did have an absolute BLAST and would love to do it again soon! 


Brad jumped on one, too, and although I couldn't see his mouth because of the full face helmet he was wearing, I could see the smile in his eyes! Are we dirt bike people now?! We just might be! If you have any advice, ideas or experiences to share with us, please send me an email


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly