It All Started In A Garage...

February 9, 2016

It's no secret that I'm both a connoisseur of micro brews and a frequent hunter of the newest breweries. In my hop quests over the years, I've encountered a few breweries that were born in a garage, and they have produced some of my favorite IPAs of all time. If you're a home brewer, these three breweries provide some great inspiration if you're looking to take your craft to the next level!

1. Skookum Brewery - Arlington, WA: The first (30) times I visited Skookum, it was located off King Thomson Road in a beautiful community surrounded by trees, horse pastures, and wildlife. A home brew dream realized, Ron & Jackie Jenkins invited beer drinkers (and their dogs) from all over the place to their property in an extremely laid-back environment. Fire pits, picnic tables, and a bathroom accessed through their horse barn made this special place feel like family. Fast forward to the present time, and Skookum now lives in an awesome warehouse across from the Arlington Airport. Still dog friendly both inside and out, they have a great food menu and three IPAs that I love - Olde Tom IPA, Jackass IPA, and Mammoth Jack Double IPA.

2. 5 Rights Brewing - Marysville, WA: I JUST learned about 5 Rights last week, and made my way there over the weekend for the first time. Located in a quiet neighborhood not far from where I live, they're clearly the neighbors you want to make friends with! In talking with owner and head brewer R.J., they're on the hunt for a forever home! Right now, the focus is on brewing great beer, which they do WELL. The IPAs they create are masterful, and as follows - the OTC IPA, the Bakuhatsu IPA, and the Suge IPA. Oh, and the 5 Rights are water, grain, yeast, hops, and BEER! When you go visit, keep in mind that it is in a neighborhood, so you'll want to go the speed limit and respect their neighbors! 

3. Foggy Noggin - Bothell, WA: I remember stumbling across Foggy Noggin after a Google search one time, and I was OBSESSED with the name!!! If I had a nickel for every time my noggin felt foggy... I had to find this place STAT. I didn't realize it was in a garage at the time I started my journey to Bothell! I was pleasantly surprised, because it was such a warm and inviting environment. A fantastic spot to taste some craft beer and take a growler to go, it's also dog friendly! You know how I feel about that. They brew English-style beers in one of the world's smallest production breweries, and although I'm typically the biggest IPA snob, their Chief Lightfoot Irish Red and their Oski Wow-Wow Scotch Ale are my go-to-brews. Definitely check them out! Remember to adhere to the speed limit and be respectful of the neighbors!

Shout out to all the brewers who take their passion for home brewing to a new level and share their passion for micro brews with thirsty folk like myself! If you know of a commercial brewery that is operating out of a garage, send me an email so I can go sample their garage-grog! Cheers to all!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly