Loud & Local favorite Glenn Cannon will stream live Saturday, March 21st

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

March 19, 2020
glenn cannon & the damage done

"Iron" Mike Savoia

A longtime member of the Loud & Local family at KISW, Glenn Cannon will be streaming live on Saturday, March 21st with the help of the folks at Live Oak Audio Visual.


Set your reminders - it's going down acoustically at 6:30pm!


His latest project, Glenn Cannon & The Damage Done, just had to put part of their upcoming tour on hold, so please support them in other ways if you can! Their debut album Devil In The Sunshine is available for $15 and they have a TON of rad band merch ranging from $18-$45. 


Here's a sneak peek before Saturday night...


Thanks for supporting your local musicians during these uncertain times, and thanks to all of the local artists sharinng their art with us! If you know of a local musician with a live stream in the works, email me the details!


Happy Adventuring (from a safe social distance),


Taryn Daly