We paired 10 local bands w/ 10 local beers

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

September 11, 2018

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If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that I enjoy drinking a beer while I'm rocking out. This inspired me to take things one step further and pair some of my favorite local beers with my favorite local bands! Enjoy, Rockaholics:


1. Woodshed and Local Hero IPA from Burke-Gilman Brewing Company in Seattle. Woodshed holds band practice in a woodshed (go figure!) not far from where I live up in the north end. I even refer to them as the "Kings in the North!" They are my local heroes of rock, which means it's fitting to pair them with a beer of the same theme. 

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2. Windowpane and Bodhizafa IPA from Georgetown Brewing in Seattle. This is American rock at it's finest, enjoyed best with an American-style IPA right here in Seattle. 

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3. Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage and Gypsywolf IPA from Dreadnaught Brewing in Monroe. Dreadnaught is cranking out some MONSTER IPAs, and WOATW is cranking out monster new material right now with lots of writing in the works. And if you've ever seen them live, Wyatt's howls could easily be compared to that of a wolf - even a Gypsywolf! 


4. Lust Punch and Water Chopper Gose from 7 Seas Brewing in Gig Harbor. Lust Punch will leave a lasting impression on you, with strong influence from the Seattle Sound of the '90s. Water Chopper Gose also packs a pretty memorable punch with San Juan Island sea salt in the mix - about as local as it gets!

The Water Chopper has arrived at its new home in the Gig Harbor Albertsons Store and the display looks awesome. _______________ Looking for beer to go? Stop by your local Albertsons, you'll be sure to find a variety of our canned beer options! • • #shoplocal #waterchopper #gose #Albertsons #GigHarbor #7seasbrewing #bestofthesouthsound

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5. Arisen From Nothing and Sorry Not Sorry IPA from Crucible Brewing in Everett. Arisen From Nothing is WELL known for melting faces, and there's no apology afterward. Much as the Sorry Not Sorry IPA will never apologize for its rowdy behavior. 

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6. Mos Generator and Hop Generator from Silver City Brewery in Bremerton. Well, the brewery and the band beat me to it. They've collaborated on a beer!! It will be released on September 22nd at Drafts and Drums on the Drag Music Festival on the Bremerton Raceway, headlined by none other than Mos Generator. 

Hop Generator. A Wet Hop IPA brewed in collaboration with @mos_generator, with over eight hop varieties. Get your first taste 9/22 at the Drafts & Drums festival at the Bremerton Raceway, with Mos Generator headlining!

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7. Superfekta and Bias Ply IPA from Whitewall Brewing in Marysville. Much like the brewery, the band's roots are SO Marysville. This IPA is Whitewall's flagship IPA, and I would defintiely argue that Superfekta is Marysville's flagship band! 

#latergram had a great time playing cribbage with friends and family over the weekend! Oh, and beers.

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8. Custom and Murder of Crows Stout from Skookum Brewery in Arlington. The flavors on the back end of this American Stout will linger and bring you back for another sip. A Custom song will stay with you long after the final note. An unforgettable pairing!

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9. Bruiser Brody and Can't Hardly Wait IPA from Cloudburst Brewing in Seattle. New band but veterans of the Seattle music scene who have instantly risen to local favorite status, Bruiser Brody is turning heads, much like the kick ass and cleverly named beers of Cloudburst Brewing. Drinking the Can't Hardly Wait IPA definitely reminds me of a nostalgic '90s flick, but can easily pay homage to how pumped we are for the debut Bruiser Brody record. 


10. Stoned Evergreen Travelers and Dank As F*** IPA from Sumerian Brewing in Woodinville. When someone sees the Stoned Evergreen Travelers for the first time, they're often times blown away by the unexpected sound and the unique style. On the same token, this IPA will have you saying, "Damn! That WAS Dank As F***."


Cheers to local beer, local bands and enjoying them simultaneously, Rockaholics!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly