Mastodon's 'Chef Troyardee' shares easy-to-follow, mostly inedible pizza recipe

The first episode of 'Cooking with Mastodon' has been released

September 16, 2020
Troy Sanders of Mastodon

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Are you hungry? This video may impact your appetite...


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Bassist Troy Sanders dons an apron for 'Cooking With Mastodon' to celebrate the band's new album Medium Rarities. But we're pretty sure this pizza is inedible.


Chef Troyardee is cooking up some “Home” “Made” Pizza for the first episode of Cooking With Mastodon. New album ‘Medium Rarities’ out now. Get your own Medium Rarities apron at Thanks to @gunshowatl and @newmerica.

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The new album is available now. You can also order your very own Medium Rarities apron and grill set at


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