January 20, 2016

Masturdating is a natural thing. And it's not something only single people do. For those of you who, like me, are in a relationship, you can also masturdate!! And I highly recommend it. When you masturdate, you really get quality time with yourself, which is pretty damn cool. How often do you re ally get "me" time anymore? With co-workers, kids, a social circle... when you you ever get alone time? We just don't! So - MAKE time for yourself. My 3 favorite masturdating activities are skiing (snowboarding is acceptable), seeing some live music, and hiking.

Skiing: As much fun as it is to go skiing with a group of people, no one is ever really on the EXACT same level. When it comes to skill level, fatigue, lunch breaks... you have to compromise when you're with a group. GO ALONE! You can use the mountain however you damn well please. Ski the runs you like. Eat at the lodge of your choice. Take a rest whenever you feel like it. And get to know strangers on the chair lift or in the bar at lunchtime. That's quality masturdating, right there!

Live Music: Years ago, I had tickets to Flogging Molly. Everyone I was supposed to take bailed at the last minute, and I couldn't get anyone to commit in the 25th hour. And rather than skip the trip from Stanwood to Seattle for the band, I decided to go by myself. And you know what?! It was one of my favorite shows ever! Not necessarily because the music was awesome - which it was - but because I got to enjoy the show on MY terms. I got to find my favorite vantage point at Showbox Market, I moved to the front when I wanted to, I went to the bar when I wanted to, and I met some really cool people who I probably wouldn't have said a word to had I been with a crew! A successful masturdation!

Hiking: I know what you are thinking - hiking alone is dangerous. And YES I agree with you. It is! I carry pepper spray when I hike solo, and I also go at times of day when the trails have heavier traffic. And of course, I bring the dogs. So I guess I'm not TOTALLY alone, technically. But anyway... hiking alone is one of the best feelings. You pick your trails, your pace, what you pack for lunch or a snack or a beer at the top. I think I appreciate nature and my surroundings more when I'm not having conversations the whole way up. The serenity of solo hiking makes for an awesome masturdate with yourself! 

What are your favorite masturdates? Wine tasting? Brewery hopping? Movies? I'm always looking for another great masturdate! Email me with your ideas!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly