Meet Mickey & Mallory Knox - Natural Born Rodent Killers

August 31, 2017

As we continue to make progress on our "mini-farm" and remodel/construction project, I am pleased to introduce two new additions - Mickey and Mallory Knox the Natural Born Rodent Killers!!


Brad and I had been in search of a pair of barn cats to help us out at the property, keeping mice and rats away from our shop, shed, barn and farm animals. I found Barn Cats R Us online, a volunteer-run organization working to ensure feral cats are not breeding uncontrollably, and rehoming them. They work with shelters all over the greater Puget Sound area, helping to place cats who aren't good candidates for household pets into environments they would be most comfortable, like our property! After my Barn Cat Request Form was approved, I contacted the Everett Animal Shelter this week, and it turned out they had the purrrrfect cats for our place. (Sorry, I had to...) Meet Mickey and Mallory.


They aren't like "regular" cats. They've never lived indoors and they've never been around housecats. Each has lost part of one ear, and Mickey has lost about half his tail. I'm guessing it's been a rough start to their 9 lives. Born in a barn and never properly socialized with humans or other animals Mickey and Mallory are terrified of most things right now and don't really want much to do with us just yet. But that doesn't mean they'll never warm up to us, although they may never want to interact with people.  


These two adorable 4-month-old kitties will spend the next few weeks living inside our shop in a large, secure chicken coop while they acclimate to their surroundings. We will give them fresh water, food, a litter box, warm beds and a little love (if they'll let us!). After about three weeks, they'll transition from their current set-up to freely roaming the shop and property, and they'll know where to come for meals and rest whenever they want. 


If you have the means to give a unique critter like Mickey and Mallory a great place to live and roam, consider contacting Barn Cats R Us! 


Anyone looking for a new household pet should consider adopting now on the heels of Hurricane Harvey's destruction. Animals are arriving from Texas, looking for forever homes!


Adopt, don't shop! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly