Migs & Taryn on New Day Northwest!

December 8, 2016

It's always a good time visiting our friends at King 5! Steve Migs and I were invited back to New Day Northwest this morning to weigh in on some Hot Topics. You can watch the full video here


We hit a lot of current and highly debated topics, like whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich? I wonder what our friends at Uli's Famous Sausage would say about this. 



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We had to cover the Nieman Marcus Collard Greens debacle, and of course the $85 Nordstrom Rock fiasco. Both are sold out, sorry to report...

On the rocks. #happyhour #nordstromPOP #mypeeps

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On top of that, Morgan Spurlock (the 'Super Size Me' guy) opened his own fast food restaurant, and McDonald's begins table service and mobile ordering

Coming to you November 19th Columbus, OH! Get ready for #holychickenusa #toogoodtobetrue #cluckcluck

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We also got to check out the New Day Northwest Control Room and the King 5 News Room after we finished the show, and it was WAY cool! Very different from our radio studios and gadgets!

Practicing our news anchor poses at @king5seattle! Thank you @king5newdaynw for having @imstevemigs and me in for Hot Topics!

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Thank you SO much Su Ring, Margaret LarsonSuzie Wiley and your incredible team for having us back. We always love spending time with y'all! And thank you Steve Migs for being HANDS DOWN one of the funniest and coolest people I've ever worked with! Will you please teach me how to be hilarious?


- Taryn Daly