My 1st ski day of the season was PERFECT!

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

January 16, 2018

"Reunited and it feels so good!" I am pretty sure Mt. Baker was singing the same lyric yesterday.


As you may know, Brad and I have been remodeling our place for about a year. Typically, I'm the one who calls in sick  on opening day due to "mountain flu". However, because every weekend has been dedicated to various remodel projects, I didn't get up to Mt. Baker this season until yesterday. Let me tell you - it was PURE BLISS. 


First off, the conditions were rather spectacular. The temperatures were WAY above typical for January, so it truly felt like spring skiing. "Shirtless Guy" was there, of course. He's friends with "Open Jacket With Nothing On Underneath Guy", who was also present. Although Baker hadn't received a ton of new snow, what they did have was easy to work with. The groomers were fast but not icy. The lines were non-existent. The visibility was sensational!


Yesterday was also awesome because I got to go up with my brother and my dad to celebrate my birthday, which is this Friday! My brother snowboards and loves to hit every jump on every run. My dad is still skiing at 64 and has taught me a TON regarding form and style over the years. Our whole family grew up on the mountain, so I am stoked we keep these traditions going together. 

Mountain day with bro and pops!

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Not only were the conditions pretty rad yesterday, I just love Mt. Baker because it is such a community mountain, although you might share a chair with someone from Canada, the East Coast or Australia every once in a while. Futhermore, there's something for everyone, so whether you have a young family or you like "big boy skiing" (as I call it), you're covered!

The Pacific Northwest is known for its dense forests, which leaves plenty of room for creative adaptations. Case in point. Photo: @benkindlon Rider: eythanfrost #therealmtbaker #mtbakerskiarea #mtbaker #stumpjumper

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And with three lodges to choose from, you can always take a breather, refuel and get a brew. We parked and set up shop at the White Salmon Lodge, but you can also venture to Heather Meadows or the ski-in lodge at mid-mountain called the Raven's Hut. We had lunch at White Salmon, which consisted of fantastic burgers, hand cut fries and a beer to wash it all down with. 

Local flavors. #therealmtbakerskiarea #mtbakerskiarea #whitesalmonlodge

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We met up with one of my dearest friends, Jessica, who lives with her husband Steve in Glacier, which is the last town you pass through before you get up to the ski resort. Even though I consider Mt. Baker my "home mountain" and have skied their more times than I could ever count, Jess is a true local who takes full advantage of her proximity to the mountain, and she knows it like the back of her hand. I love talking to her about everything from back country adventures to local events at Mt. Baker. 

When you get to hang with one of the most beautiful souls the world has ever known in one of the most beautiful places the world has ever known. ⛷--

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We wrapped up the day back at White Salmon for a victory beer, reflecting on our day and planning the next. I am so glad we made it happen! Even if you've never skied or boarded before, it's never to late to get started. Take a lesson and try something new! I'd love to run into you up on the mountain!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly