Nirvana's 'In Utero' Turns 25

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September 20, 2018

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Nirvana released their final studio album, In Utero, on September 21st 1993, making this day the 25th anniversary of an album that has been and will continue to be a major musical influence at KISW and for Rockaholics everywhere. 


The first single was 'Heart-Shaped Box'. In chatting with former KISW personality Damon Stewart, he is pretty sure he was the one who debuted it on the 'Seattle Zone' the Sunday before it officially came out. 


This was followed up by  'All Apolgies' as a double A-side with 'Rape Me', and finally 'Pennyroyal Tea'. To this day, there's no denying that these are some of the most recognizable riffs in Nirvana's catalogue. Not to mention some of their most memorable music videos.


After the album's release, the band set out on tour for the first time in a couple years, an obvious highlight being the MTV Unplugged in New York performance which would become a massively celebrated live album.


I think many Nirvana fans were worried about how In Utero would stack up against 1991's Nevermind, and after being certified 5X Platinum, I think we can all agree it could stand on its own.  


A few years ago, a Nirvana exhibit was on display at the Museum of Pop Culture (formally EMP) where we were transported back in time to the years of In Utero and those before it. You'll even notice that Kurt Cobain used an old Rock sticker to spell out "PUKE" on his guitar. 



It feels like 25 years passed in the blink of an eye, so let's take some time to remember this iconic album that is such an important part of Seattle's music history.


On Friday September 21st, KISW legend Cathy Faulkner will be manning the helm from 10am-2pm, and she'll be playing In Utero front to back for the Morning 12 Pack kicking off at 10am. You can listen live via or download the app to listen on your smart phone. She'll probably tell her personal recollection of watching Nirvana at a waterfront warehouse on Pier 48. According to The Late Kate, it was New Year's Eve 1993, everyone froze their tails off, and MTV's crews taped what would become the Live and Loud show. 

Cathy Faulkner


Happy 25th Anniversary, In Utero!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly