1 reason Pain in the Grass is the superior rock festival

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August 23, 2018

Rock festivals happen ALL OVER THE WORLD and they bring people together from all walks of life, but what truly makes Pain in the Grass rise to the top year after year? The Rockaholics.


Without KISW's amazing family of listeners, we just wouldn't have what we have every summer!


Some folks who come to our big rock show are the coolest grandparents around!!


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And some folks are junior Rockaholics.

This kid ROCKS and loves KISW so much he made his dad hold his ice cream just to get this shot with us!! -------- @999kisw #beststation #therock #seattle #pain2016 #kisw #cutie #rockgirl #babes #breakingbenjamin #disturbed #kidsrock @jennymazrcg

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Bottom line, we are a community who supports one another, sometimes quite literally.


And those of us who work for The Rock of Seattle feel blessed beyond measure to have the camaraderie we do with our listeners!

Thank you Rockaholics! #Pain2017 was SO BAD ASS! Tag us in your pics! - @tarynkisw --: @ironmikesavoia

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Thank you all so much for what you bring to Pain in the Grass. We can't wait to rock and party with you this weekend!


Grab your last minute tickets via Ticketmaster.com.


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly