PNW Musicians Honor Layne Staley

KISW Presents the Layne Staley Tribute Show on Saturday, 7pm @ The Moore Theatre

August 17, 2017

Growing up, I always knew how special Layne Staley was to the Seattle music scene, and ever since I started working at KISW, I understood our community's connection to the late Alice In Chains and Mad Season frontman even more. Every year around his birthday Seattle does something super special 


On Saturday, an incredible tradition continues - The Layne Staley Tribute Show celebrates the late singer's life, legacy and music at The Moore Theatre in Seattle. This year marks both what would have been Layne's 50th birthday AND the 25th anniversary of the release of Dirt, and with the help of amazing local musicians, we'll bring fans together to honor him. 


For those who have never seen JAR OF FLIES (the ultimate AIC experience), prepare to be blown away. Although no one could nor would ever replace Layne Staley, Rane Stone (also of Klover Jane) totally brings the sound, attitude and essence of his voice to life. If you close your eyes, you'll surely get goosebumps. They'll perform our favorite AIC and Mad Season songs to generate memories of love and pain and everything in between. Truly an experience you'll want to take in. Everyone will be singing the words - check out 'Rooster' from the Tribute Show two years ago:


Many special guests from Seattle's phenomenal music scene are expected to attend, some of whom will be performing. I've even heard rumors of Johndus Beckman (Ten Miles Wide) belting out one of my favorites this weekend - 'Love, Hate, Love'. For the full list of bands and musicians, check out the event on Facebook - it's going to be a magical night indeed!


The tickets range from $25-$50 with show proceeds benefiting the Layne Staley Memorial Fund, providing hope, education, support and treatment funds for heroin recovery in the Seattle music community. 


Thank you for supporting this annual event, Rockaholics! Hope you can make it, and spread the word to help make a difference in our area. 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly