A puppy meet & greet, brewery style

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

January 24, 2018

Where do you go when you are hungry, thirsty and want to meet your friend's new puppy? A dog-friendly brewery, of course!


I had a little reunion with my friends Maury and Andrew from the 1st radio station I ever worked for. Andrew (who I've actually known since my freshman year at WSU!) and his girlfriend Ashley have a new puppy by the name of Jax, who I had been tirelessly stalking on Instagram due to cuteness. See what I mean?


He's a 3 month old Fox-Red Lab with giant paws and adorable, expressive eyebrows. He could be the poster puppy for Cabela's. So naturally, Maury and I wanted to meet him and decided Crucible Brewing Company in Everett would be the perfect middle ground. They allow you pack a picnic or order take-out, plus they're total dog lovers, so it was definitely the right call! 


Back in the day, we used to go to Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant, so for old-time's sake, we had DoorDash deliver our favorite lunch from yesteryear - Loco Moco and Hawaiian-style Chicken Teriyaki with mac salad. To die for!


From Crucible's beer offerings, I opted for a Flintlock IPA and a sample of the Figgy Stardust Belgian Winter Warmer (best name ever, right?).


Jax was absolutely PUMPED to take the tour with us, loving every second of walking around and smelling all the smells. 


Thank you to Levi the Beer Whisperer (pictured above), and Dick the Head Brewer/Founding Father (pictured below), for the wonderful hospitality while we introduced Jax to your awesome brewery.

 We'll be back soon, possibly with the rest of our dog packs in tow! Cheers. :)


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly