Raising The Bloody Mary Bar

March 3, 2016

Bloody Mary creations are truly becoming an art form, not to mention a full meal in many cases! That's always been my favorite... pile on a bunch of pepperoncinis, pickled asparagus, dilly beans, olives, lime, mozzarella sticks, a cheeseburger, some chicken strips, bacon... on my god my mouth is watering just typing this FOR REAL. 

These three Bloody Marys really raised the bar:

1. Trainwreck Bar - Burlington: It's seriously an entire meal! Look at all of that goodness! It can get awfully busy at this local's favorite, so plan ahead and get there early for your weekend brunching! 

2.  Bluewater Distilling - Everett: With about 20 vodkas to choose from, ranging from super mild to crazy spicy, you'll have PLENTY of reasons to go back again and again and try a new creation!

3.  Bar Bistro - Tacoma: They call this bad boy the Bloody Meal, because it REALLY is. This is where you want to go for Sunday brunch, without a doubt. The other days of the week they don't open until noon, but the Bloody Meal works ANY time of day. 

Where have YOU found an incredible Bloody Mary? Let me know the spot! Send me an email so I can go sample these delights! 

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly