Remodel Update: Fireplace Part 1

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide

January 5, 2018

Well it has been a LONG TIME COMING, but I am happy to say we are basically FINISHED with our remodel - FINALLY!  


I'm showering in my own home, no longer using a GoGirl outside (although I do think ALL ladies should have one - great for skiing, hiking, music festivals, etc!) and cooking indoors! YIPPEE! The final piece of the puzzle is now coming together: our new fireplace set-up.


Living on 5+ acres in the woods, heating the home with a wood stove seemed like a resourceful plan. Although we do have wall heaters and brand new electrical throughout, the first two monthly bills were SPENDY. Some of that can be attributed to keeping the home warm and dry during the drywall, mudding, taping and painting process, but still - OUCH.


The foreclosure we bought was "wood stove ready" although the current chimney system needed to be updated to code, stone work would be required since the "tile" material wasn't non-combustable and there was no physical stove in the home! We had some work to do... We found an Orly side-loader on OfferUp!, very reasonably priced, and thought it would be perfect for our needs. Jackpot, right?! It has so much character, too!!


Now to find some stone... My girlfriend Lizzy and her boyfriend Bryce had some gorgeous stone work done in their home about this time last year, and I was in love with the look of their fireplace, hearth, face and mantle.

I came to find out that her friend Lauren is a third generation mason in Snohomish County. Lauren's grandpa started Island Masonry, her father now runs the company and both she and her brother work there as well, keeping the family business going. Gotta love that local, family connection! Brad and I worked with Lauren to pick out the perfect Eldorado Stone for our space. We visited Smokey Point Masonry & Landscape who had an absolutely INCREDIBLE selection and showroom. We narrowed it down and ended up going with Nantucket Stacked Stone.  


Lauren and her dad Bruce were over yesterday morning, along with long-time Island Masonry master Chuck and another gentleman named Morgan. From the moment I met them, I knew we were in good hands with this team. For starters, their math skills far surpassed mine. ;) On top of that, their expertise and equipment blew me away! Lots of measuring, mortar-mixing and stone cutting...

They finished late in the afternoon yesterday and we are IN LOVE with the finished product! Eventually, we'll take the stone all the way to the ceiling and cover up the tile. We even test-drove the stockings on either side, just for good measure ;)


Thank you, Island Masonry!! Next up, the fireplace and chimney installation next week!


Unfortunately, we did get a bit of bad news when two knowledgable gentlemen from Fireplace Services came to do a site check, and we learned that the Orly was a little outdated and therefore not certifiable. DAMN. I guess we'll put 'er out in the shop. The good news was that Randy and George had just pulled a 2001 Country front-loader out of a home that had just upgraded their fireplace and it was in pristine condition! Sleek black, no scratches, a brand new blower... On the spot, we told them we'd take it, and this coming Tuesday they'll be installing that fireplace on our brand new hearth! Stay tuned - the Fireplace Part 2 blog will follow...


Our cozy living room and wood burning stove will be the heartbeat of our home, so this journey isn't quite over until we light up that first fire next week! I can't wait to share the finished product, Rockaholics!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly